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    AGM 2015

    The 2015 AGM will take place tomorrow, Tuesday 19th May, at North Shields Rugby Football Club,
    Preston Playing Fields
    Preston Village
    North Shields
    NE29 9ND.

    Website with map and directions:

    Doors will be open from 7pm for a 7.15 start and local councillors and community police officers will be in attendance to answer your questions and report on local issues.  Refreshments will be  available to purchase from the bar.


    Annual General Meeting 2013

    This year’s AGM will be held on Tuesday 11th June at 7.15pm in North Shields Rugby Football club (near to Tynemouth Pool). We have invited representation from our Councillors, North Tyneside Council and Police to your AGM. Please come along and raise any points you feel important.

    All residents are invited and this year we are looking for a chairperson, additional committee members and volunteers to help with keeping flower bed areas clean and tidy throughout the Village.

    Book and Cake Sale – 10-12am June 8th at Pearey House

    coffee morning image       Coffee Morning and Book Sale

    In conjunction with Tynemouth Blind Welfare Society

    Saturday 8th June, 10am-12 noon

    Pearey House

    Preston Park

    NE29 9JR


    Raffle, cake and craft stalls

    Donations (books, cake, raffle prizes) welcome – please contact us at for collection

    Anyne interested in having a craft stall please contact Val: 0191 258 2714

    Proceeds will be split between the Residents Association and Tynemouth Blind Welfare Society, all monies raised will be spent on improving the area.



    Update on flooding investigations – meeting March 28th, 2013

     A meeting to bring residents up-to-date with what has been happening to investigate and hopefully reduce the chances of a repeat of the flooding in the Village last summer has been organised for Thursday 28th March, at 6.30pm in Pearey House.  The meeting will be attended by representatives of Northumbrian Water who are to tell us about the results of investigations into the causes of the flooding and the remedial action they have been taking.  Also present will be representatives from an independent engineering company, Grontmij, who have reviewed the flood alleviation tanks at North Tyneside Rugby Club and investigated the flooding on 28th June 2012.  Preston Ward councillors, Kate Osbourne and Cath Davis who have been very active on this issue will also attend.  The meeting is open to any residents, not just those affected by the last flood.  We hope to see you there.

    Council consultation on regeneration – have your say

    North Tyneside Council are giving residents the opportunity to comment on proposals to improve town centres, the coast and riverside in the borough.  Residents are asked to give their views on area action plans drawn up to guide investment and regeneration over the next fifteen years.  An initial consultation carried out earlier this year received comments from over 400 residents, businesses and organisations and now, following some amendments,  a further consultation is taking place.  This will end at 8pm on Friday 28th September and an on-line form can be found on the North Tyneside Council website.  Although this does not affect our area directly it does have wider implications for the wider area and so is worthy of consideration.

    News from our August meeting – proposed meeting with NTC and Northumbria water to discuss flooding

    The August meeting of the committee held last Wednesday was also attended by several residents who had suffered loss or damage to property during and following the flood of 28th June.  The major point of discussion was whether the interceptor tanks installed during 2009 had in any way contributed to the sudden surge of water that had caused damage to property lying in an apparently direct line below the tanks.  Also of concern were reports of water damage occurring as late as three weeks after the event, indicating that flood waters had not yet drained away.  Residents were unhappy with the response of Northumbrian Water to the incident and expressed a desire for a public meeting to be held with representatives of the water company and of North Tyneside Council present.  We are in the process of trying to organise this meeting and will update with more details as they become available.   Those present also expressed how impressed they were with the actions of the emergency services, especially the fire service who had had to rescue several residents from their homes, and workers from NTC who were very helpful in assisting with clearing damaged property.  The elected mayor visited the Village shortly after flooding to view the damage and speak with residents and the council are working on an emergency plan to deal with any future flooding events.

    Also discussed at the meeting were our entry into the RHS  ‘It’s your Neighbourhood’ campaign and Preston Towers.  Members of the RHS are to visit the Village early next week to look at the work done so far and to discuss our plans for the future.  Through the council we are looking at securing help from volunteer workers with heavier planting work and have drawn up plans of plants required for filling all the tubs and planters around the village when the current displays are finished.  This is some 5-600 plants so any donations, in the form of plants or otherwise will be very gratefully received – let us know if you can help.

    Regarding Preston Towers, a resident of the neighbouring flats had sent pictures showing the general disrepair of the gardens and surrounds that has occurred since the property ceased functioning as a care home earlier in the year and had been put on the market.  This issue had also been raised at the AGM in June and Councillor David Sarin has been following it up.  Our latest information is that a Planning Enforcement Officer is going to contact the landowner requesting that the area is tidied up.  Hopefully that will be effective and we shall see an improvement soon.

    Flooding Update

    Following the recent flooding events in the Village, Councillor Cath Davis has asked us to let residents know that concerns over flooding, particularly around Preston Road North have been passed on to members services and that she has also been in touch with the Environment department who have assured her that the cleanup operation  for gullys is underway, however as there is only one vehicle this could take up to two weeks to be completed.

    We, Preston Residents Association, have been in touch with Northumbrian Water to find out their position with regard to the recent flooding and the flooding alleviation work that was carried out during 2009.  Northumbrian Water have contacted or are in the process of contacting all residents affected by the flooding who have been in contact with them, however if the storm of 28th June is classified as ‘freak’ or ‘severe’ this will place the water flow beyond the capacity and requirements Northumbrian Water are expected to meet.  With some residents left homeless following the flooding, and likely to be out of their properties for periods up-to 6-8 months, this is obviously an issue of great concern.  We will discuss the responses of Northumbrian Water and North Tyneside Council at our next meeting, to be held next week, and update residents afterwards. If there any particular issues or incidents that you would like raised please contact us at

    Donate a plant scheme…

    We have been informed that, due to the current financial situation and cutbacks in council spending, North Tyneside Council will not be providing plants for the tubs and beds that currently adorn the Village.  Unless we are able to plant and maintain these ourselves, the tubs and planters will be removed from the Village.  To help us to maintain the standard of planting and the appearance of the Village, we are asking residents to help by donating a plant.  Our plans include replanting the raised beds at Moorcrest with perennials as well as refurbishing tubs and planters with bedding plants when the current season is over.  If you are dividing perennials or raise too many plants from seed will you please consider a donation to the Neighbourhood?  If you’ld like to donate anything, please contact us at  If you need a reminder of how good things currently look, see our photo’s from earlier in the year


    Recent activities…

    Bench seat and notice board: Following our successful bids for funding, and with the support of North Tyneside Council we have recently installed a bench seat and noticboard on the green area by the Millennium Tree and across from the Spread Eagle.  Please enjoy the seat and keep an eye on the noticeboard for PRA announcements and other items of local interest.

    Nest and roosting boxes: Again with help from NTC staff we have recently installed a number of nest and roosting boxes for bats and birds in Preston Cemetery.  Although the nesting boxes are unlikely to be used this year, this will give the birds plenty of time to get used to them ready for the breeding season next year.

    ‘Jubilee’ oak tree: To commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II we are going to plant a native oak in Preston cemetery.  This will form part of the Council’s autumn planting schedule at a time when it will be most successful – details to follow closer to the time.

    AGM 2012

    Our annual general meeting was held on June 27th in the Scout Hall, Preston Village.  A good number of residents, committee members and local councillors discussed a number of issues affecting the area, including parking and road safey, nuisance caused by pigeons and seagulls, the future of Preston Towers and Preston Park, and our entry into the RHS ‘It’s Your Neighbourhood’ scheme.  Sadly two members of the committee, Gordon Duff and Jeanne Ogg, felt that due to other commitments they were no longer able to continue, however we were pleased to welcome two new members – Mick Hughes and Karen Bolger.  Thanks to Gordon and Jeanne for their valued contributions in recent years.  We would also like to offer thanks to all those who volunteered to help with distributing newsletters. More detail is given below in the meeting minutes:

    Minutes of



    held on WEDNESDAY 27 JUNE 2012


    1. Chairman’s welcome – Phil Wright welcomed residents to the 7th Annual General Meeting following the reformation of Preston Residenrs’ Association in 2006. He thanked committee members for their commitment throughout the year, which again, had been one of successes and disappointments. He introduced Cath Davis, newly elected Councillor for Preston area, and Councillor David Sarin. He also extended a warm welcome to Councillors Amanda Norman and Carol Gambling. Both Councillors confirmed they were attending as residents of the Preston area. The committee also welcomed Community Support Officer Craig Brown from Northumbria Police.
    2. Present – 25 residents were present plus 7 committee members.
    3. Apologies for absence – Cllr Kate Osborn, Jeff Morgan (NTC), Gordon Duff
    4. Acceptance of Minutes of previous meeting – On a show of hands, the Minutes were accepted as a true record of that meeting.
    5. Treasurer’s Report – Treasurer Shirley Pritchett read out her report which showed a healthy balance of £766.63. She said that the association’s main income was from the Book Fayre and this year sponsorship of the newsletter by local businesses had increased income. Money had been spent in the purchase of gardening chips to help with members planting of certain areas. Although Preston is “blooming” this year, it is anticipated that there will be little funding from NTC for plants and flowers next year. It was suggested if each house could supply a plant, there will be sufficient to maintain a flowering Preston area. Details will be placed on our website and on the community noticeboard. The report was proposed as a true record by Jeanne Ogg and seconded by Sue McIntosh.
    6Secretary’s Report – a printed report was held by meeting members outlining the setting up of a PRA website, the proposed entry into a Village in Bloom competition, mettings with NTC with a view to enhancement of the area and the recent purchase of a noticeboard and a wooden bench which are now sited near to the Spread Eagle. The Secretary made a plea for volunteers to help with planting in the area and in the distribution of the association’s newsletters. The Chairman requested that the meeting move forward to “Any other business”, before the election of officers and committee members.
    7. Any other business
    7.1 – Pigeons and seagulls –Councillor Sarin was asked from the floor whether anything could be done about the number of these birds in the area and the dirt they create. The matter would be reported.
    7.2 – Parking on North Road to the right of Pennyfine Close– The parking of cars on the east side of North Road when an  event is held at the swimming pool obstructs drivers vision when  leaving Pennyfine Close. Cllr. Sarin said that this matter had been raised previously and the event organisers’ solution was to provide parking in the school grounds and at Morrisons. However, drivers continue to park where it is convenient to them. He will raise the matter again.
    7.3 – Walton Avenue -middle line – Jeanne Ogg observed that due to legal parking on the left hand side of the road (travelling towards North Shields), drivers were forced to cross the middle road line because it had not been adjusted to cater for the parked cars. This situation had been reported time and time again without result. Councillors said they would report it once more and request a change.
    7.4 – Preston Towers – Residents from Preston Tower apartments asked the meeting whether there was any news on the change of use. They were concerned about the lack of information and the sad neglect of the building grounds and gardens. Both Phil Wright and Cllr Sarin advised that any change of use would be subject to planning permission. As there was great concern from the floor, it was suggesred that a petition by residents should be instigated and passed to NTC for reference to the owner as to his intentions. Various means of setting up a petition were to be considered. A question was asked as to whether this same method could be applied to the Preston Park situation. There was no positive agreement on this, however it was suggested that the question of a petition should be placed on our website and on the community noticeboard.. The North Shields Area Forum Agenda was also suggested as a window for the advertising of a petition.
    8. Election of Auditor – Miriam Allan is retiring after many years. Shirley Pritchett will approach a potential replacement and will notify of any changes by the next committee meeting. This was agreed by the meeting.
    9. – Nomination and election of Officers –
    Chairman – Phil Wright is retiring. As there was no nomination from the floor, with the agreement of the meeting, it was decided to operate a system of a rotatng chairman until a permanent relacement can be found.
    Secretary – Retiring secretary, Esther Pearson, was nominated, proposed and reelected. Proposed by Betty Moat and seconded by Sue McIntosh.
    Treasurer – Shirley Pritchett was proposed by Val Elder and seconded by Sue McIntosh and duly re-elected.
    10. – Nomination and election of committee members – Val Elder, Alison Glen-Ravenhill, Alison Howard, Graeme Duff, Betty Moat and Sue McIntosh were duly elected by a show of hands. New committee members Phil Wright, Mick Hughes and Karen Bolger were welcomed.  Unfortunatley due to other commitmentsJeanne Ogg and Gordon Duff resigned from the committee; however Jeanne will continue with her valuable and much appreciated work organising sponsorship of newsletters and Gordon will remain as our main point of contact with North Shields Rugby football club.  Their commitment and work for the area over several years was recognised.
    10. Closing remarks – Cllr Sarin said that he had been informrd that the NTC arborist has a plan for the planting of an oak tree in celebration of the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations. The Police representative advised that there were few problems to police in the area. Several residents volunteered to assist with the distribution of newsletters and to assist at bookfairs.  The meeting was then closed by the Chairman with thanks to all for attending.