News from our August meeting – proposed meeting with NTC and Northumbria water to discuss flooding

The August meeting of the committee held last Wednesday was also attended by several residents who had suffered loss or damage to property during and following the flood of 28th June.  The major point of discussion was whether the interceptor tanks installed during 2009 had in any way contributed to the sudden surge of water that had caused damage to property lying in an apparently direct line below the tanks.  Also of concern were reports of water damage occurring as late as three weeks after the event, indicating that flood waters had not yet drained away.  Residents were unhappy with the response of Northumbrian Water to the incident and expressed a desire for a public meeting to be held with representatives of the water company and of North Tyneside Council present.  We are in the process of trying to organise this meeting and will update with more details as they become available.   Those present also expressed how impressed they were with the actions of the emergency services, especially the fire service who had had to rescue several residents from their homes, and workers from NTC who were very helpful in assisting with clearing damaged property.  The elected mayor visited the Village shortly after flooding to view the damage and speak with residents and the council are working on an emergency plan to deal with any future flooding events.

Also discussed at the meeting were our entry into the RHS  ‘It’s your Neighbourhood’ campaign and Preston Towers.  Members of the RHS are to visit the Village early next week to look at the work done so far and to discuss our plans for the future.  Through the council we are looking at securing help from volunteer workers with heavier planting work and have drawn up plans of plants required for filling all the tubs and planters around the village when the current displays are finished.  This is some 5-600 plants so any donations, in the form of plants or otherwise will be very gratefully received – let us know if you can help.

Regarding Preston Towers, a resident of the neighbouring flats had sent pictures showing the general disrepair of the gardens and surrounds that has occurred since the property ceased functioning as a care home earlier in the year and had been put on the market.  This issue had also been raised at the AGM in June and Councillor David Sarin has been following it up.  Our latest information is that a Planning Enforcement Officer is going to contact the landowner requesting that the area is tidied up.  Hopefully that will be effective and we shall see an improvement soon.

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