Flooding Update

Following the recent flooding events in the Village, Councillor Cath Davis has asked us to let residents know that concerns over flooding, particularly around Preston Road North have been passed on to members services and that she has also been in touch with the Environment department who have assured her that the cleanup operation  for gullys is underway, however as there is only one vehicle this could take up to two weeks to be completed.

We, Preston Residents Association, have been in touch with Northumbrian Water to find out their position with regard to the recent flooding and the flooding alleviation work that was carried out during 2009.  Northumbrian Water have contacted or are in the process of contacting all residents affected by the flooding who have been in contact with them, however if the storm of 28th June is classified as ‘freak’ or ‘severe’ this will place the water flow beyond the capacity and requirements Northumbrian Water are expected to meet.  With some residents left homeless following the flooding, and likely to be out of their properties for periods up-to 6-8 months, this is obviously an issue of great concern.  We will discuss the responses of Northumbrian Water and North Tyneside Council at our next meeting, to be held next week, and update residents afterwards. If there any particular issues or incidents that you would like raised please contact us at

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