Donate a plant scheme…

We have been informed that, due to the current financial situation and cutbacks in council spending, North Tyneside Council will not be providing plants for the tubs and beds that currently adorn the Village.  Unless we are able to plant and maintain these ourselves, the tubs and planters will be removed from the Village.  To help us to maintain the standard of planting and the appearance of the Village, we are asking residents to help by donating a plant.  Our plans include replanting the raised beds at Moorcrest with perennials as well as refurbishing tubs and planters with bedding plants when the current season is over.  If you are dividing perennials or raise too many plants from seed will you please consider a donation to the Neighbourhood?  If you’ld like to donate anything, please contact us at  If you need a reminder of how good things currently look, see our photo’s from earlier in the year


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